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5 DIYs You Should Not Do To Your Car

technician diagnosing car issuesWith rising prices of gas, groceries, and other necessities, it’s great to find ways to help you save a few pennies here and there. There are many things you can do around your house that can help save you money from doing your own yard work to renovations. You may have also considered another way to cut costs is by performing maintenance or minor repairs on your own vehicle. However, unless you are a certified technician utilizing the proper equipment and tools, certain do-it-yourself repairs should be left to the pros. Here’s what you need to know before you “do-it-yourself.”

DIY Don’ts

Vehicles today are more sophisticated and complex compared to vehicles that you or your parents may have driven in years past. Computer systems, motors, and other complex components are much more complicated than ever before. Here are top 5 services you should not perform on your car:

  1. Air Bag Replacements – Once an airbag has deployed, it cannot be reset; it must be replaced. The entire system including the sensors and the bag itself must be replaced. Components of the airbag are intended to explode and could be very dangerous for an amateur, this is definitely a job for a trained professional.
  2. Suspension & Coil Springs – Coil springs, as part of the vehicle’s suspension, support the weight of your car and help to maintain a certain stability even in rough driving terrains. Coil springs are tightly wound and under extreme pressure and there is a high risk of personal injury if replacement is not performed correctly. Shock absorber replacement on vehicles today are more like struts; they have coil springs surrounding them. Performing this task could also be very dangerous for an amateur.  Professional technicians possess the proper tools and training to replace struts and shock absorbers safely, ensuring the vehicle’s suspension system provides a smooth and comfortable driving experience.
  3. Transmissions – Transmissions are perhaps one of the most complicated components under your car’s hood. They’re made up of a series of gears, tensioners, bearings, and rods all of which must fit together perfectly, in order to function. Tools required include a specialty transmission jack, presses, bearing, seal, and gear tools. In addition to needing specialty tools, with all the complex pieces and parts of a transmission, it’s best to leave these repairs to the trained, certified transmission experts.
  4.  Timing Belt – Aptly named for its function, the timing belt’s job is to make sure the engine camshaft and crankshaft components are perfectly timed in a manner so that they perform together. In some cases, in order to replace the timing belt, some of the engine may need to be disassembled. Any errors that occur during this process could result in costly repairs.
  5. ECU (Engine Control Unit) – You’ve heard of the “car’s computer” and this is it. The ECU is responsible for controlling a series of modules to ensure the best engine performance. Any repairs related to this crucial part should strictly be performed by an ASE Certified Master Technician. These highly trained technicians possess the equipment to properly program the computer and modules for proper restoration of the manufacturer specified functions. Incorrectly configuring air/fuel ratios, shift points, and redline limiters (maximum rotational speed by RPMs) will cause serious and detrimental effects to your vehicle.

DIY Do’s

Now that you know what services you shouldn’t do, it’s important to know what you can do, if your vehicle requires maintenance. One of the most overlooked items when it comes to vehicle maintenance is replacing the wiper blades. It’s actually best to know how to do this easy task on your own. Once the monsoon starts, you’ll drive confidently knowing your wiper blades are in good working order and free of cracks or crumbling rubber. Wipers can be easily purchased at any auto parts store and are easy to install. Each store will provide a book or computer to use for looking up the proper size for your car. Pro tip: Keep a spare set in your trunk for your convenience.

We’re The Experts!

Simple tasks such as battery replacements or an oil change may seem like an easy task to take on but could end up taking hours to complete. That’s when you should turn to the experts at Sun Devil Auto!

Before replacing your battery entirely, have it properly tested with our state-of-the-art equipment to confirm a new one is required. In the past swapping out a battery was quick and easy. However, newer vehicle designs can make reaching the battery more difficult than before. You may be surprised to know that some batteries have been taken out of the engine compartment all together. Batteries in Arizona have a life expectancy of about two to three years. That’s why Sun Devil Auto offers an unparalleled 5-year free replacement warranty on most batteries!

When it comes to an oil change, why not let the experts handle this frequent chore? What could take you a few hours, can be done quickly and efficiently by technicians with the proper tools. Plus, with Sun Devil Auto not only do you get a convenient oil change, you get a complete vehicle inspection, providing you a detailed report on your vehicle’s condition. You’ll be informed on what, if any, repairs, or maintenance may be needed now and in the future. Our experts will make sure you get the correct oil and filter to your vehicle’s specifications, and properly dispose of the used oil and filter to avoid contaminating the environment.

When you turn to Sun Devil Auto for your automotive needs, not only will you save time, but you’ll save money over dealership costs. Our ASE Certified technicians are knowledgeable and qualified to perform a multitude of tasks to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and will perform optimally for many miles. Whether you need an oil change or a timing belt replacement, we’re here to help!

Schedule an appointment today and then sit back and relax while we do the dirty work.