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10 Must-Have Car Accessories Under $25

There’s more to the quality of your ride than the car itself. Whether for comfort, convenience or safety, there are plenty of cool car accessories that enhance the experience for both you and your passengers. If you’re hunting for “car accessories near me,” keep an eye out for some of these items for yourself or as a gift.

Trunk Organizers

Kids’ toys, travel gear, snacks and drinks, work supplies, and other loose items can be frustrating to sift through and uncover, especially when a sudden brake or a hard turn flings them across the cabin. A lightweight trunk organizer keeps it all in place and is easily folded up or removed when not in use.

Glove-Box Organizer

The glove box can also be prone to accumulating junk, which is especially troublesome as it’s also where most drivers keep important documents, such as vehicle registration, proof of insurance, owner’s manual, medical information and more. A glove-box organizer is a good way to keep all these papers in one spot and easy to flip through without having to dig to the bottom of the compartment to find a stray paper.

Non-Slip Dashboard Grip Pads

The dashboard isn’t always the ideal place to leave things while driving when they start sliding around. Fortunately, you can find grip pads that go on your dashboard and hold items in place with a non-slip surface. Look for one with an easy-to-remove back that won’t leave a sticky residue so you preserve your beautiful dashboard.

Neck Pillow

Sitting in the car for a long while, whether on a road trip or in a traffic jam, can be a major strain for the driver. A comfy neck pillow not only makes these more bearable but also promotes good health for your neck. Many neck pillows can be easily held in place by the seat’s headrest, so you don’t have to keep adjusting it.

Litter Basket

Instead of leaving empty bottles and fast-food bags for passengers to sit next to, put up a wastebasket in the backseat. A flip-top basket or a leak-proof storage bag works well and can be either placed on the floor between seats or hung from a headrest. Storage bags can be easily cleaned out after emptying, keeping the backseat looking nice.

Car Deodorizer

The little tree hanging from your rearview mirror is a classic, but more often than not, it covers up odors instead of removing them. Consider a can of deodorizer spray to keep handy. It is more easily applied to the whole cabin and, when mixed with a sanitizer, is able to neutralize odors instead of just mixing with them in the air.

Road Assistance Kit

Anything can happen on the road, so it pays off to be prepared. Packed with essential emergency supplies, from a flashlight and pair of jumper cables to first aid supplies such as bandages and antiseptics, a road assistance kit is among the must-have car accessories. Even if you never have to use it, it’s good to know you can rely on it if you need to. Everything comes in a bag easily stowed in the trunk, including a usage guide.

USB Car Charger

Sometimes you may forget to charge your phone before leaving the house, or a long day can leave it drained right when you need it. Many vehicles have a DC connector for powering portable devices, and USB chargers provide a universal link between the connector and many devices. Single USB-port models exist, but chargers with two or more ports can be found at only a slight extra cost.

Wireless Headphones

Parents: you’re familiar with kids getting bored on a long trip and the stress that goes along with it. If you have a Bluetooth-compatible sound or entertainment system, a pair of inexpensive wireless headphones is perfect when you want to keep your little passengers content.

Cell-Phone Mount

Everyone knows it’s unsafe to be busy on your phone while driving, but drivers also count on their phones for a lot beyond calls or texts. A phone mount is a convenient place to keep your cell phone while using it for anything from navigation apps to music. You need both hands free, after all, and you don’t want your phone to slip and fall under the seat when you take a sharp turn.