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Why Your Cruise Control Has Stopped Working

Most modern vehicles come with cruise control. It can be an incredibly convenient feature, especially if you have to drive across long stretches of straight highway. It allows you to set the speed you want your car to travel, and you can give your foot a break for a while. When the cruise control suddenly stops working, the result can either be mildly annoying or extremely dangerous. Either way, you want to get a professional technician to look at your car’s system to see what needs to be done.

Reasons Why Cruise Control Has Stopped Working

There are a number of reasons for why cruise control is no longer working as it should. One common explanation is that your vehicle has developed a bad fuse. The cruise control is locked into your car’s electrical system, so if even one fuse stops working, it can prevent you from carrying out basic functions. You can tell the problem is a bad fuse because you will be unable to access the function altogether.

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Another component your cruise control relies on is the speed sensor. This part allows the system to determine what speed your car is travelling at and how much engine power needs to be given in order to maintain that speed. If the speed sensor fails entirely, then you will notice your car’s speedometer fail to work properly.

A defective brake pedal switch can also cause problems when it comes to the cruise control. Most vehicles have a system in place where the cruise control is automatically disengaged as soon as you press down on the pedal. While convenient, it can cause issues when the brake pedal switch no longer works correctly. An issue with the wiring can cause your vehicle to think that the brake pedal is engaged when in actuality, it is not. This will make your car unable to engage cruise control.

Lastly, your cruise control may become inaccessible if a cable, hose or vacuum actuator in your car gets damaged. This is most likely to develop in older automobiles where the cruise control is primarily controlled through a vacuum actuator. You can expect the cruise control feature to not work at all, and even if just a single cable in the system breaks down, then the whole thing can fail.

Importance of Restoring Cruise Control Functionality

Now that you are familiar with all the ways your cruise control can break down, it comes down to how important getting it fixed truly is. In most of the above examples, you are simply not going to have access to your cruise control. It may be inconvenient if you plan on driving a long way, but if you are the type of person who never really uses cruise control, you might be wondering why you should get it fixed.

Correcting the above issues really comes down to ensuring the rest of your vehicle is operating efficiently. When you go to an experienced technician to get your cruise control looked at, the professional is going to look at numerous systems inside your car, including the brakes and speedometer. A problem with your braking system can lead to many more problems than simply being unable to use cruise control. A thorough inspection of your vehicle should be carried out regularly so that you always know your car is working in peak condition.

Having special features in your vehicle, including Cruise Control, can make driving on long trips convenient and more comfortable. To ensure your Cruise Control is working properly, bring it in to your favorite auto repair shop for a thorough inspection.