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When is it Time for Brake Repair?

When it comes to getting under the hood or in the engine of a vehicle, the complexity can be overwhelming. However, ensuring timely repair or replacement of vital automotive parts can greatly affect your vehicle’s longevity. Luckily, brakes that are in need of attention in a variety of ways – providing alerts for brake repair. If you find yourself asking the question, “How do I know when I need my brakes repaired?” you’ll know the answer by listening, looking, and feeling for the following indicators:

  • What to Listen For:
    We recommend an inspection if you hear squealing or screeching sounds at a high level while your windows are rolled up. Grinding and growling sounds usually indicate worn brake pads, another indication of a much-needed inspection. However, a similar sound can be heard as a result of extended contact with moisture, including rain, which results in a thin layer of rust on the rotor. Luckily, the noise will likely disappear once the layer of rust wears down from driving.
  • What to Look For:
    One of the easiest and most prominent signs of needed brake repair is when your brake warning light comes on. Brake warning lights can represent different concerns for different components of the brake system and should be examined. The most opportunistic time to have your brake system inspected is during routine maintenance, such as oil changes. Finally, if you see brake fluid on the ground or in your driveway this is a clear indication of the need for immediate inspection. For safety concerns, we do not recommend driving your vehicle if you observe a brake fluid leak.
  • What to Notice While Driving:
    If you feel as though your brakes are not as responsive, or overly responsive, as they once were – this can be an indicator of brake issues. Similarly, a sinking pedal or an evident vibration are other signs your brake system may need replacement. Last but not least, if you find your vehicle pulling to one side or the other while braking, it can be caused by a caliper breaking down or brake surface contamination.

Whether you notice one sign or many, you should have your vehicle inspected by a trusted brake expert. Sun Devil Auto’s ASE-certified technicians are your trusted brake experts! Our technicians can identify brake issues to prevent unsafe situations resulting from aged or damaged brake mechanisms.

Regular, professional brake inspections can assist in avoiding costly repairs. Sun Devil Auto provides expert brake repair service in Phoenix for most types of vehicles, including those with anti-lock brake systems (ABS). Stop into any one of our 20 Phoenix Metro area locations or make an appointment online today to ensure your brakes are performing properly.