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Trusted Brake Repair at Sun Devil Auto

At Sun Devil Auto, we are the brake experts that restore or preserve your vehicle’s stopping power. Your brakes are a critical component, and you can trust our service centers to keep them working efficiently and repair them when necessary.

How You Can Tell If You Need Brake Work

It’s normal for auto brakes to wear out. The friction material is designed to slowly erode over time, and eventually, they all must be replaced. It’s hard to know for sure when that will be. Different driving styles and road conditions determine just how fast these parts wear.

To complicate matters, your brakes are located behind your wheels. This makes it difficult to visually examine them. Our technicians can perform routine brake inspections during our other maintenance services. If your brakes are looking a little too far worn, we will let you know.

You may notice these other signs of worn-down brakes:

  • Squealing noise while slowing down
  • Metal grinding noises
  • Pulsing or vibrating at the steering wheel
  • Needing to press harder on the pedal to stop
  • Spongy feel in the brake pedal

Sometimes noises are normal and your brakes just need a cleaning and lubrication. If you are uncomfortable with the way they sound or feel, it’s time to get your car over to a Sun Devil Auto service center for an inspection.

Our Qualified Technicians

Our technicians are fully qualified to repair braking systems on all makes and models of vehicles. We hire the best employees and make sure that they are trained to perform the work. Not only do they meet our strict quality standards, but the technicians that work on your vehicle are also ASE certified.

The Automotive Standards of Excellence certification sorts automotive repair topics into eight categories, and brake repair is given its own focus. To become certified, technicians must demonstrate at least two years of work experience and their knowledge by passing a rigorous exam.

Some brake systems are complex and require specialized training. Antilock braking systems and traction controls often integrate sensors and computer electronics into the wheel assemblies. Our technicians are qualified to perform repairs on these advanced systems.

A Business Reputation Like No Other

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers. After decades of hard work, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The grading system of the BBB scores a business’s volume of complaints and compares it to years of operation. A company can achieve a high grade only if it has performed well over a long period of time.

We do everything to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their service, and our positive reviews are the proof!

Our Premium Brake Job

Mechanic repairing brakes on a carNot only do we stand by our work, but we also use the best quality parts for your car. We upgrade your brakes or recommend different friction materials depending on your preferences and needs.

For simple brake jobs, our standard service includes:

  • Replacing worn-out pads and brake shoes
  • Machining rotors and brake drums to resurface the metal
  • Checking the level of your brake fluid
  • Cleaning and lubricating slider pins on calipers
  • Adjusting rear drum brakes
  • Cleaning and repacking wheel bearings and races

Ceramic brakes are excellent for light vehicles and normal driving conditions. These produce less dust contamination and result in quieter operation over time. If you are towing or driving over mountains, semi-metallic brakes may be more suitable. These suffer less from heat fade.

Solutions When More Work Is Necessary

Sometimes you need repairs that go beyond just the standard brake service. Damage to your vehicle or worn-out hydraulic components diminish your braking ability. We have solutions for these concerns as well. Our technicians are qualified to:

  • Properly flush hydraulic systems and bleed out air pockets
  • Diagnose and replace worn-out master cylinders
  • Install new brake vacuum boosters to restore power braking assist
  • Replace leaking or damaged brake lines
  • Identify bad wheel speed sensors and replace them
  • Rebuild or replace faulty brake calipers
  • Install hydraulic valves or switch blocks for traction control systems

Ask about our brake flush service as well whenever you have your brakes repaired. The old hydraulic fluid absorbs moisture and contamination. It needs to be flushed out from time to time to restore the pedal feel and preserve the internal components.

Contact Our Shop Today

In the last four decades, we have expanded to 19 auto repair service centers, and we are ready to earn your business. If you need work on your car’s brakes or have a question about how we can help you, contact your local Sun Devil Auto and schedule your appointment for service today.