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Three Habits That Will Destroy Your Manual Transmission

Vehicles with a manual transmission vary ever so slightly from cars with an automatic transmission. In order to get the most out of your manual vehicle, there are certain things to bear in mind. Your transmission should be able to last you quite a while assuming that you avoid the following habits.

  1. Not Maintaining Proper Fluid Levels
    Your transmission requires adequate fluid levels in order to operate efficiently and remain cool. If you constantly run your vehicle when the fluid levels are low or nearly empty, then those parts will wear out much more quickly. Check how often your particular vehicle needs a fluid change, and maintain a consistent schedule.
  1. Allowing the Transmission to Overheat
    High fluid temperatures can be detrimental to your transmission. About 90% of transmission failures are related to extreme heat. Transmission fluid that is low, dirty, or burnt can contribute to the elevated temperatures within your transmission as well as a hot climate, and heavy towing.
  1. Fixing Issues Without Experience
    Unless you are a professional mechanic, you should try to avoid doing any major repairs to your vehicle on your own. Certain procedures may cause more harm than good. If you notice something wrong with your manual transmission, it is always preferable to take your car to an expert auto shop.

Many Americans stress the cost of a transmission repair. But, with good driving habits and proper preventative maintenance, your vehicle’s manual transmission should last a long time without needing any extensive repairs. Make sure your car receives routine maintenance, such as oil changes including vehicle inspections, every so often so that an expert can identify any potential issues. You will need fewer repairs less often if you drive appropriately and by not placing any unnecessary stress on your car.