Battery Replacement


Batteries provide the electrical power essential to operate a vehicle. Because they play such a vital role within the vehicle’s operation, batteries should be given attention while conducting routine maintenance on your vehicle.

A couple of simple steps can help car owners prevent power interruptions and inconvenient dead batteries. Remember, as the weather gets cooler, batteries are going to have to work harder to deliver the amperage required to start your vehicle; this means that the time for car battery replacements and maintenance is during fall, not winter.

The team at Sun Devil Auto is here to help with battery testing, replacement, and other vehicle care services, including replacing the starter and alternator.

Make Regular Battery Testing a Habit

The best way to know if your battery is getting low on power is to test it on a regular basis. Annual testing is a recommended vehicle battery maintenance strategy. Batteries are typically priced according to the number of years the battery is good for. While useful life has the potential to vary a little bit, in general, you can expect your battery to comply with the manufacturer’s stated lifespan.

Because batteries with a longer life tend to cost more, buying a second-hand battery is not recommended. Even with a tester, customers are unlikely to be getting the full value of any battery they purchase unless a brand-new item is acquired from an auto parts dealer or service shop.

Regular testing will help you keep an eye on the available charge left in your car’s battery. As the charge decreases start shopping for replacements.

Keep Terminals Clean

The battery terminals provide safe means to connect the battery’s power cells with the electrical system of the vehicle; this occurs via metal clamps connected to a bundled collection of wires. In optimal conditions, these clamps and terminals fit firmly together and thereby provide the correct flow of power. However, dirt, grease, and grime can interfere with this connection and interfere with the electrical current. The result is interrupted or unavailable battery power.


How To Clean Car Battery Terminals

  1. Use a round brush with stiff bristles to clear away surface debris from the terminals
  2. Sprinkle some baking soda on each of the terminals
  3. Gently pour tap water onto the terminals and allow the baking soda to react
  4. Use the round brush again to clear away the next layer of debris
  5. Repeat this process until the terminals are clean

Battery maintenance requires thinking ahead and planning for the driving you intend to do in the future. If you have any questions about the best way to care for your vehicle’s battery, just speak with a member of the Sun Devil Auto team.

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