“I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere THANKS to George & his staff over at the 7th St & Bethany Home Location. A couple of months ago I went into the shop due to air conditioning issues…after a repair had been completed, a week later a major issue with the air conditioning came up. Needless to say I was Angry, Frustrated, and Confused by the whole situation. Even in my moments where I was just DONE with Arizona and the Summer Heat, George always remained Professional and Calm. . .George reassured me that together we would figure things out and he lived up to his word. After leaving my vehicle with him over the weekend, I returned Monday morning with the issue rectified. I was also stated to that if something happened again within the next week or two, that he wanted me to bring it in ASAP. I had no stress laid upon me about finances, additional repairs, etc. So I really want to say THANK YOU ALL FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING. It only takes a moment to go that extra mile, and that’s what George had done. I personally believe in Karma and I believe his will come full circle with an abundance or good things for not himself but for his crew as a whole”