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How Regular Car Maintenance Can Help Your Gas Mileage

How Regular Car Maintenance Can Help Your Gas MileageGas mileage is a topic of much discussion for drivers, and that’s true even if you already drive a car known for its superior gas mileage. Sun Devil Auto specializes in both car maintenance and offering customers tips on what they can do to improve their vehicle’s gas mileage. Learn how it’s essential that you properly maintain your car if you hope to boost your overall gas mileage.

Proper Tire Inflation

Making sure your tires are neither under- or over-inflated is key to improving your vehicle’s gas mileage, doing so by as little as nearly 1 percent to as much as 3 percent. Depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle, it might already have a tire pressure sensor in it that lets you know when your pressure is getting low. However, the sensor most likely will not let you know when you have too much air in your tires, so make sure you either use a pressure gauge or allow a professional Sun Devil Auto technician to fill up your tires for you.

The Right Motor Oil

To give your gas mileage another 1 to 2 percent boost, pay attention to the motor oil you put in your car. In addition to using a quality brand, you’ll also want the correct oil viscosity for the exterior temperature. For instance, you’ll want thicker oil in the summer and thinner oil in the winter. In either case, make sure you always use the type of oil recommended for your specific vehicle. Additionally, you’ll be better off with oil that offers energy-conserving properties.

Fresh Air Filters

It’s common to have your air filters replaced whenever you take your car in for an oil change, so make sure the task is done before you leave our service center. Clogged air filters can impact not only your fuel economy but your acceleration. Likewise, you can improve both your fuel economy as well as your acceleration with a fresh air filter.

Fuel Injection Service

The most recommended method to help save money on gas is to have a Fuel System Service performed every 30,000 miles. This service includes cleaning the fuel system, fuel injectors, and removing sediments from the intake valves. Allowing deposits to build up reduces fuel economy by burning gasoline.

Spark Plugs

Keeping your spark plugs in proper order also helps improve your vehicle’s gas mileage. If you aren’t familiar with them, your spark plugs are what ignite the blend of fuel and air in the engine combustion chamber. Replacing worn-out spark plugs can allow your engine to run cleaner and with maximum efficiency.

To save at the pump, it pays to spend money on proper car maintenance. With Sun Devil Auto on the case, we can help you create a regular maintenance schedule so you never have to wonder whether you’re getting the best fuel efficiency possible.