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Got Squeaky Brakes?

Here at Sun Devil Auto, we want our customers to know that just because their brakes squeak, it doesn’t always mean there’s a serious problem. One of our goals is to ensure we provide customers with the proper education while taking care of their auto care needs, and brakes can be one of the more serious areas of car care.

Broken Brake Hardware

Anti-Rattle Clips are used to ensure brake pads remain in place on calipers. When those clips are broken or worn down, they can cause the brakes to squeal. If this is the case with your brakes, you’ll need to have the clips replaced.

Improper Insulation Shims or Pad Insulation

Insulation shims are placed on an automobile to prevent brake squealing and is likely that they have worn out. Sometimes, however, they’re removed during brake service. If the insulation shims aren’t replaced during your repair, or if a silicone insulation gel isn’t used to keep your brakes from squealing, you’ll want to return to where you had your brake job done. Or consult with our Service Advisors or Technicians—we are the Brake Experts!

Brake Dust

Squeaking brakes could also be also caused by a buildup of brake dust. Try washing your brakes and removing as much of the dust as you can to see if that remedies the situation. If not, we recommend bringing it to one of our locations so we can take a look at your automobile in order to pinpoint the cause.

Incorrect or a Lack of Rotor Surface Cut

The surfaces of your car’s rotors have to be resurfaced whenever work is done on the brakes to take care of any glazing that might exist. This process involves applying a finish to the rotor to ensure the pads are properly broken in. If your rotors aren’t properly resurfaced, there’s a very good chance you might experience a trembling in your brake pedal and squeaking.

Worn Pads

The most common reason for squeaking brakes is pads that have worn down will let you know of their need to be replaced by singing out every time you tap the brakes. Even though you might not be in immediate danger when you first hear squealing brakes caused by worn pads, we recommend having them replaced as soon as possible.

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