Emissions Testing

Prevent Your Vehicle From Failing Emissions Testing

Taking your vehicle in for emissions testing can be tough to fit into your busy schedule, but failing the test can be an even larger inconvenience. Although your vehicle may not have any noticeable issues that interfere with its drivability, it could still fail smog checks if the emissions components are not working properly. Bring your vehicle to Sun Devil Auto so we can determine why your vehicle is unable to receive a passing emissions score and how it can be repaired.

Some maintenance repairs are necessary to keep your vehicle in excellent driving condition and to keep your emission components functioning properly. These types of repairs should be seen as an opportunity to improve your vehicle’s overall performance, fuel efficiency and emissions compliance.

A Diagnostic Link Connector Scanner is used to scan and check if the vehicle is ready for vehicle emission testing. The scanner must be plugged in to the Diagnostic Link Connector to function. Even if the “Check Engine” light is off, it may have too many readiness monitors that are not ready, which can then result in a non-passing emissions test. The vehicle must go thru several drive cycles before the readiness monitors will reset. These monitors cannot be forced to reset, it may take several days of normal driving for the vehicle’s computer system to reset these monitors. Sun Devil Auto will recheck these readiness monitors for you, free of charge, before you go to emissions.

The DLC Scanner is also used to check why the engine light or service engine soon light is on. The Malfunction Indicator Lamp is a notification to the owner of any possible malfunctions within the engine. The vehicle’s check engine light or service engine soon light will indicate the status of the engine. Most of the time, however, the light is turned on if the auto’s engine is experiencing some problems that can cause excessive pollutant emissions.

Issues That Can Result In a Failing Emissions Score

It’s important to have your vehicle inspected prior to going to emissions testing. Pre-emissions testing inspections can pinpoint any trouble areas that may cause your vehicle’s check engine light to come on, resulting in an automatic fail.

Areas we’ll inspect prior to your smog check include:

- Engine Air Filter – A dirty engine air filter prevents your engine from getting maximum airflow. In order for your vehicle to run efficiently, your engine needs a certain mix of fuel and air. Without the proper mix, fuel is wasted.

- Fuel Injectors – Clean fuel injectors are required for successful ignition. Dirty fuel injectors release a solid stream rather than a mist of fuel, causing much of it to be wasted, thus reducing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

- Catalytic Converter – The catalytic converter helps to reduce the amount of noxious emissions from your vehicle. Preventing high levels of wasted gas from getting in your engine can reduce the risks of overheating and failure. Although replacing the catalytic converter can help your vehicle to pass emissions testing, finding the actual cause of the failure is ideal to save you money.

The key to ensuring your vehicle passes all smog checks is to make sure that it is operating at the right specifications, which can also restore optimal fuel efficiency.

We’re Here for You

Bring your vehicle into Sun Devil Auto for a pre-emissions inspection. We can save you from having to go through the ordeal of emissions retesting. If you’ve already had your vehicle tested and failed the emissions test, visit any of our Sun Devil Auto locations with your vehicle report in hand, we’ll determine the cause of the failure and resolve it quickly and efficiently to pass your next emissions test.  

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