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Are Squeaky Brakes Bad?

Hear that sound coming from your brakes? That squeaking noise means they are trying to tell you something. At Sun Devil Auto, our mechanics are trained to know what squeaky brakes indicate. We can help you identify and repair the problem efficiently.

What Does It Mean?

If you find yourself with squeaky brakes and out on the road, seek professional help to determine the source of the sound. Brakes are an integral part of your vehicle and any warning signs that they’re compromised should be tended to quickly.

With that said, some squeaking noises are not necessarily an indication that you need to replace your brakes. For example, if dust or sand gets into your brakes, it can lead to a squeaking sound. How you drive your vehicle greatly affects how your brakes perform and wear. If you are an aggressive driver and brake hard, your brake pads can glaze and form an outer layer that creates a loud noise while braking. In other situations, however, the noise could mean that professional attention is required.

What Causes It?

A metal-on-metal type of screech is likely more urgent. This happens when the friction material is completely worn from the brake pad and the metal backing plate is in direct contact with the rotor. By addressing the situation early, you can help prevent costly repairs later on. You might also notice the following symptoms:

  • The steering wheel vibrates while you are braking
  • The car starts to pull to one side when you apply the brakes
  • The brake pedal itself shakes while stopping

What Can I Do About It?

Brake trouble is nothing to ignore. Getting to a full-service auto repair shop quickly can save you significant amounts of money by preventing further damage. It may be that simply coating the brake pads will fix the problem or a technician could remove any hardening on the pad.

For some people with squeaky brakes, the solution will be to get new brake pads. Brake pads with high amounts of metal can cause a squeak that is annoying, but not necessarily destructive. Or, your pads could simply be worn out and are ready for a replacement.

Don’t Ignore Noisy Brakes

Squeaks are just one of the ways brakes are trying to tell you that something could be amiss. Anytime you hear an unusual noise coming from your brakes, you should have it examined. At Sun Devil Auto, we are proud to provide brake repair services of dealership quality at a lower price!