Store Spotlight: Service You Can Trust on Bell Road in Glendale #18

When you relocate to a new city or simply want to find goods or services in your neighborhood, such as a new doctor or grocery store, don’t forget to add an automotive center to your list. While a location close to home is convenient, you also need to be able to trust that your vehicle will be in the right hands so, it’s important to choose the right automotive maintenance repair team to care for your car or truck. The decision is easy when it’s Sun Devil Auto at 6750 W. Bell Rd. in Glendale.

Why Choose Us

At Sun Devil Auto, we take pride in offering trustworthy repair and maintenance service to our customers throughout the Valley. It is our goal to ensure every customer gets back on the road as quickly and safely as possible, at an affordable cost.

Hiring employees with exceptional customer service skills, who value honesty, and those that possess superior training is of the utmost importance. Our technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment and are ASE Certified, ensuring your vehicle is getting the same dealership quality at a more affordable price.

We’re In Your Neighborhood

While you’ll find the same exceptional service at any of our Valley locations, we like to introduce ourselves to the community so that you can become familiar with our friendly staff. Josh Wahl is the Store Manager in your neighborhood that can help with all your automotive needs. We sat down with Josh and asked him 10 questions to share his experience and personality with you:

1.How long have you been in the automotive repair industry?

I have been in the automotive industry since I can remember, I grew up in a shop sweeping and cleaning and working my way to where I am today.

2. How did you get your start?

My family owns a facility in the Midwest and I worked for their company since I was little.

3. What’s your favorite auto repair to complete?

My favorite automotive repair to complete is one that is finished correctly the first time and leaves the customer happy and looking forward to coming back for future maintenance and repairs.

4. What’s your favorite type of vehicle to make repairs on?

All vehicles are created for our industry to service, maintain, and repair. We are equipped to service any make or model that comes to our facility.

5. What are the qualities a Sun Devil Auto technician possesses?

Sun Devil Auto hires technicians that are friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. We make sure our technicians are always learning and going to new training classes to ensure they keep up with our ever-changing automotive industry. Additionally, we purchase new equipment to ensure our repairs are performed accurately the first time.

6. What type of training do your technicians need to complete? What’s included in this training?

Our technicians are scheduled for regular training classes on multiple subjects. It is important they understand all systems on all makes and models. New vehicles are constantly evolving and if our technicians aren’t learning about the changes, we will fall behind. We ensure our technicians stay on top of the changes in the industry.

7. What’s the most commonly asked question you get about automotive repair?

“If changing my engine oil every 3,000-5,000 miles is important, is it also necessary to change the other fluid in my vehicle, too?”  The answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” It is most certainly important to change the other fluid in your vehicle to ensure that your investment continues to run as well as drive smoothly and efficiently for years to come. Our Service Advisors suggest that you review your vehicle’s history and fluid maintenance intervals, with them, while in for service. We are always happy to explain the benefits of each service and review the maintenance schedule with you at any time.

8. If you could dismiss one myth about automotive maintenance/repair, what would that be?

Its hard hearing when a customer doesn’t want to have their vehicle inspected while in for an oil & filter change service. We explain to the customer that our visual vehicle inspection is no charge and its truly a benefit to them and their vehicle. We always give our customer pricing and the option to have the repairs performed or not. We want to make sure our customer’s vehicles are safe and confident with its condition. While convenient, the benefit of a fast oil change is only the time saved. Our oil change services take 45-60 minutes and include a free tire rotation which gives our technician the opportunity to inspect the condition of the brakes. Additionally, our included visual inspection allows us to inspect all steering, suspension, and drivetrain components. Our Service Advisors will provide you with a write up on your vehicle once completed and review it with you. Our desire is that our guests leave our service centers with a smile and the understanding of their vehicle’s condition.

9. What is your favorite part of the job? Your favorite part about working for Sun Devil Auto?

Customer service is our company’s favorite part of the job. For me, I don’t feel what we do is a “job.” It’s a passion and I truly enjoy having customers leave our facility with a smile on their face.            

10. What’s the number one tip you would provide to car owners about maintaining their vehicle?

Normal scheduled maintenance services are a must! My second tip would be when purchasing a used vehicle, always have it inspected prior to purchasing. Most auto repair facilities will offer a pre-purchase used vehicle inspection for your convenience.