Store Spotlight: East Mesa off Power Road #26

No matter how long you've owned your car, truck, or SUV, you can still feel a sense of anticipation and freedom when you turn the key and hear the engine come to life. Keeping your vehicle in top shape helps ensure you'll feel that thrill for years to come. So, how can you protect your ride from the issues that come with age, Arizona's intense weather conditions, and normal wear and tear? The answer is to find a team of skilled technicians who can routinely service your vehicle and make repairs when things go wrong.

Fortunately, the ASE-certified technicians at Sun Devil Auto are dedicated to helping you get the most life out of your vehicle. Each of our Arizona locations boasts an experienced staff who can keep your car in optimal condition. Whether it's time for a routine oil change or your vehicle needs significant engine repair, you can rely on the Sun Devil Auto technicians to provide accurate diagnoses and high-quality work. Our service centers also offer a wide variety of other options, including tire rotation, fuel line inspection, and repair and replacement of belts, brakes, hoses, and glass.

Having a team of experts you trust is an essential part of feeling confident about your car's reliability. Manager Bob Ford puts his decades of automotive repair experience to work leading the team at the East Mesa service center. We took the time to chat with Bob about his career, expertise, and dedication to providing outstanding service to every Sun Devil Auto customer. Here's a look at his responses:

1. How long have you been in the automotive repair industry?

This will be my 35th year in automotive repair.

2. How did you get your start?

I started working after school and weekends for my family’s dealership when I was young.

3. What’s your favorite auto repair to complete?

I enjoy taking an older car that seems as if it may never run again and watching it come back to life.

4. What’s your favorite type of vehicle to make repairs on?

I would say Mustangs are probably my favorite since I’ve had 17 of them. I started out doing '63-'67 Corvette restorations when I was younger.

5. What are the qualities a Sun Devil Auto technician possesses?

I believe that we have one of the most educated and skilled teams of technicians in the valley.

6. What type of training do your technicians need to complete? What’s included in this training?

The typical training in our industry is to start out with automotive basics in school and work your way through one of the many hands-on technical institutes and training programs. Typically, this will include many levels of working up from the basics to advanced diagnoses and repairs.

7. What’s the most commonly asked question you get about automotive repair?

So often the most common question is, "Do I really need it?" Since the invention of the automobile, there has always been a level of maintenance and service that will need to be performed to obtain the maximum usable life from the car or, for that matter, any mechanical device.

8. If you could dismiss one myth about automotive maintenance/repair, what would that be?

My biggest challenge over the years has been fluid services. So many people have the belief that these are just “added” repairs. In reality, with any lubricated piece of equipment, the fluid is the “lifeblood” of maintaining a long and usable life with minimal failure. With our programs at Sun Devil, the lubricant manufacturer even provides a form of continued coverage if service is done within what is considered the manufacturer's recommended time frame.

9. What is your favorite part of the job? Your favorite part about working for Sun Devil Auto?

My favorite part of the job is hands-down the people I get to meet every day and helping them overcome their current frustration with their cars. My favorite part about Sun Devil is the sense of family that every location offers. This starts at the top and works its way throughout our entire company.

10. What’s the number one tip you would provide to car owners about maintaining their vehicles?

The number one thing I always try to point out is that you know your car very well; if you start hearing a noise that is new or have a smell that is new, chances are there is some merit to what needs to be addressed.

So, what should you do if you start hearing a strange noise or feeling like your vehicle isn't performing up to its usual standards? The best thing to do is find a solution as soon as possible. In most cases, it's less expensive and time consuming to repair a broken or worn out part sooner rather than later. Timely repairs can help reduce the risk of additional problems and increase the overall longevity of your vehicle.

Even if you don't think your car, truck, or SUV needs immediate repairs, you may want to figure out if it is due for a preventive service, such as an oil change or fluids flush. Why is preventive maintenance so important? For one thing, the mechanical parts in your car gradually get worn out with the wear and tear of normal operation. Regular inspections can help you know when it’s time to replace parts that have become weak or unstable.

Another benefit of routine maintenance is that it can reduce the speed at which those mechanical parts wear down. Keeping proper levels of clean lubricants can help minimize the stress from heat and friction on the mechanical elements. This, in turn, can keep your car's engine, transmission, brakes, and other internal parts functioning properly for a longer period of time. Preventive care can also help vehicle parts degrade gracefully so you have ample warning and time to replace them.

You may believe the common misconception that the best place to have your car serviced is at the dealership where you bought it. The truth is that you can find the same level of professional service and technical expertise for a fraction of the cost at any Sun Devil Auto location. Bob and his team at our East Mesa location are passionate about providing customers with excellent customer service and top-quality parts that are also affordable.

If it's been a while or a lot of miles since your last routine service was completed, scheduling an inspection and preventive maintenance appointment can be the first step toward bringing your vehicle back to its top running shape. At Sun Devil Auto, our technicians can work with you and make customized service recommendations for your car based on make and model, age, mileage, and usage. Along with recommending repairs or preventive services, our team can develop a personalized maintenance schedule for your car so you know exactly when to come back in the future.

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with a properly maintained and reliable vehicle. At Sun Devil Auto, we're excited to work with you to keep your car running well. Take the first step today by scheduling an appointment with Bob and his team in East Mesa. You can take advantage of our extended hours and come by at a time that's convenient for your schedule. Give us a call at 480-568-7485 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.