Introducing the Store Manager of Sun Devil Auto in Gilbert

Sun Devil Auto has been family owned and operated for nearly 40 years. We take pride in being a competitively priced full-service auto care center. We offer everything from transmission repair to regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your vehicle on the road. Each one of our 20 locations is staffed by ASE-certified technicians to better serve our valued customers. Our Gilbert location, found just off Val Vista Road, is managed by Jeff Mankee.

The Satisfaction of a Job Done Correctly

Jeff Mankee has been part of the automotive repair industry for over 20 years and knows what drivers need from an auto service provider. Dependable repairs done by reputable technicians at a competitive price is just what Sun Devil Auto specializes in, and we are glad to have an expert like Jeff on our team.

Like all auto repair technicians, Mr. Mankee has a fondness for keeping vehicles running optimally. He especially likes doing tune-ups on vehicles, which are essential to keeping a car or truck in perfect running order. Tune-ups also ensure that drivers get great fuel economy and that vital vehicle components will not fail while on the road. Here’s what else he has to say about his job.

Dispelling Myths to Keep Drivers Safe

1. How long have you been in the automotive repair industry?

I have been in the automotive repair industry for 22 years.

2. How did you get your start?

I started off by doing repairs on friends’ and family’s vehicles while working my way up into a management role in an automotive parts store.

3. What’s your favorite auto repair to complete?

I enjoy doing tune-ups on vehicles. Tuning a vehicle properly ensures optimal engine performance and good fuel economy, and prolongs other vital vehicle components that could fail prematurely otherwise if left undone.

4. What’s your favorite type of vehicle to make repairs on?

I enjoy working on all makes and models, but if I had to choose, I would say Chevy trucks. They involve straightforward repairs, and for the most part, failed components are still easy to obtain.

5. What are the qualities a Sun Devil Auto technician possesses?  

Using knowledge and available resources to accurately troubleshoot vehicle issues in a timely manner.

6. What type of training do your technicians need to complete? What’s included in this training?

Automotive repair requires a constant demand of staying up-to-date on vehicle repairs and diagnostic know-how. This is not easy due to the complexity of today’s vehicles, but our technicians care about staying current so we can address vehicle symptoms. Today’s training keeps them updated so we can stay ahead of the game and solve issues that other companies don’t. Our technicians are ASE certified and trained in all areas of automotive repair.  

7. What’s the most commonly asked question you get about automotive repair?

I would have to say I get asked a lot if a recommended service is really necessary. I enjoy being asked questions because it is important for consumers to understand the importance of keeping their vehicles properly maintained in order to prolong the life of their vehicles.

8. If you could dismiss one myth about automotive maintenance/repair, what would that be?

I hear often customers say, “I don’t drive the vehicle that often, so I don’t need that service.” We are in a severe climate that can be brutal to many of our vehicles’ components. Some services are recommended based on time for that reason regardless of how many miles the vehicle was driven.

9. What is your favorite part of the job? Your favorite part about working for Sun Devil Auto?

I enjoy finding solutions to the problems our customers describe to me in regard to what they are experiencing with their vehicle. My favorite part about working for Sun Devil Auto is the experience and talent I am surrounded by on a daily basis.

10. What’s the number one tip you would provide to car owners about maintaining their vehicle?

Keep a record of all services performed by mileage and date. Many manufacturer owners’ manuals have a note section and an area for mileage-based recommendations where you can record services that will include the date, mileage and place where performed.

What Drivers Need to Know

Vehicle repairs are important for keeping drivers, passengers, and other people safe when a car is on the road. Certain approaches are required for keeping vehicles in great condition. Jeff Mankee points out several important things about maintenance that drivers should keep in mind.

  • Regular service and tune-ups keep vehicles in good working order.
  • Maintenance is required to prolong the life of a vehicle.
  • Services recommended by technicians are intended to help drivers enjoy a hassle-free experience on the road.
  • Even vehicles that are not driven very frequently require regular service checks.

Climate conditions, such as high temperatures, can wear out components at an accelerated rate, so regular maintenance becomes a particular concern for people living in the Phoenix area. Although drivers who do not use their vehicles very frequently – or do not think they do – may not think that regular service checks are necessary, Mr. Mankee points out that this is a misconception. Regular service should be a concern of every driver.

Helping You Enjoy a Better Driving Experience

Jeff Mankee and the rest of the team at the Sun Devil Auto location in Gilbert are here to help drivers have a more pleasant experience behind the wheel. By providing expert repairs as well as regular maintenance, Sun Devil Auto keeps vehicles lasting longer. Call 480-739-5010 today to schedule a tune-up or repair.