Are There Window Tinting Regulations I Need to Follow?

Sun Devil Auto Expert, published on 06/29/2016

Window tinting is not just a sleek style choice; it also offers serious safety and health benefits, particularly in the intense Arizona heat. Direct sunlight can substantially decrease your ability to see clearly, which can be dangerous if you’re on the road. Tinting can improve visibility, minimize harmful UV rays as well as protect the interior of your vehicle from fading. However, over tinting your windows can be just as dangerous, especially when driving at night. Read further to maximize the benefits and ensure your tinting stays within legal and safety limits.

Darkness Restrictions

Your windshield and front windows are the most heavily limited areas. For your windshield, you must use a non-reflective tint which is above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line, and your front side windows must let in more than 33 percent of light. If you would like to tint your windows for stylistic purposes, there are no legal limitations on your back side or rear windows, so these are the places you may select darker or more dramatic tinting.

Medical Exemptions

For some medical conditions affecting the eyes and skin, such as glaucoma and skin cancer, you may receive a medical waiver that will allow you to bypass these limits. Have your doctor provide signed documentation of your medical condition and submit it to the medical Review Program for evaluation.

Tinting Restrictions

Be aware that window tinting laws can vary greatly from state to state and tend to become more restrictive the further you get from the equator. If you plan on tinting your windows, make sure you research the laws of your state. Window tinting cannot be darker than what is legally mandated by the state in which the vehicle is registered.

Correctly adding a reflective tint to your vehicle can improve the safety and comfort of your drive. Follow these guidelines to make sure you understand the legal restrictions around car window tinting before altering your vehicle windows in Arizona.