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Welcome to Shop Talk! Here you’ll find articles from our car and truck repair and maintenance experts. You’ll also find answers to common questions that Sun Devil Auto in the Phoenix-Metro area receives on a daily basis. We’ll cover every topic - from why routine maintenance is so important to common indicators of needed repairs. It is our goal to educate our customers, while demonstrating with our knowledge base, that Sun Devil Auto is the company you can trust with your vehicle. 

Of course, you may still have questions and that’s okay! Our friendly, knowledgeable Service Advisors are always available to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call your nearest Sun Devil Auto today!

Diesel Engine Versus Gas Powered Engine

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new car and can’t decide between a diesel vs gas powered engine, you may want to compare the differences in each engine. Knowing the differences and the pros and cons of each one will help you decide which vehicle is right for you. Read More

Engine Sludge – What Is It and How It Can Be Prevented

Engine sludge sounds about as bad as it looks. If you compare the engine to a heart, you could imagine that the sludge is similar to clogged arteries. Like your body, everything may appear fine on the outside, but inside everything is slowly deteriorating and clogging up. Don’t let this happen to your engine. Here’s what causes engine sludge and how you can prevent it. Read More

5 DIYs You Should Not Do To Your Car

With rising prices of gas, groceries, and other necessities, it’s great to find ways to help you save a few pennies here and there. There are many things you can do around your house that can help save you money from doing your own yard work to renovations. You may have also considered another way to cut costs is by performing maintenance or minor repairs on your own vehicle. However, unless you are a certified technician utilizing the proper equipment and tools, certain do-it-yourself repairs should be left to the pros. Here’s what you need to know before you “do-it-yourself.” Read More

Why Is My Car Not Driving Straight?

Do you find yourself fighting the steering wheel to keep your car from pulling to the left or right while driving? What causes the wheels to go from a straight drive to a gradual drift? Most often cars that are not driving straight are out of alignment and a simple adjustment is all that is needed. In some cases, though, this may not be the only cause. Tires, wheel balance, and other factors can cause the vehicle to drift towards the left or right. Here’s what to do if you find yourself asking “Why Is My Car Not Driving Straight?” Read More

Meet our Team in Mesa-Gilbert

With so many locations in Arizona, you can be assured there’s always a Sun Devil Auto near you. Today, we’re introducing our team in Mesa on Country Club and Baseline. Manager, Chris Norman leads his knowledgeable team of skilled technicians who are ready to provide quality auto care – everything from routine oil changes to complete engine repairs or replacements. Learn why so many customers have put their trust in Sun Devil Auto in the Mesa/Gilbert area. Read More

What Is a Car Radiator?

Regardless of outdoor temperatures your engine is operating under very hot conditions. Keeping your engine cool enough to function properly yet hot enough to convert heat to energy can be a tricky operation. That’s where the radiator comes in, circulating coolant through the engine and back again. Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Recharge Your Car A/C Yourself

In the hot, desert climate that is synonymous with living in Arizona, having air conditioning in the car is vital. When the temperatures start to rise, you rely on your air conditioning to blow out consistently cool air to keep you and your passengers comfortable. Before you reach for a can of refrigerant to attempt to recharge the air conditioning yourself, find out why this sort of repair is best left to the professionals. Read More

How Often Should You Change Your Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs, though small, have a mighty task. Like any part of the vehicle that requires maintenance, you’ll want to know ahead of time how often you should change your spark plugs to make sure your engine starts and keeps working properly. Without this important component, your vehicle will fail to start, so making sure they’re functioning correctly and replacing them at the appropriate time is key. Read More

Know Your Parking Brake

While making sure your engine is running optimally, it’s equally important that your vehicle is able to stop when necessary. As you know, all vehicles are equipped with brakes that allow the vehicle to slow down or come to a complete stop. Vehicles are also equipped with a less popular but equally important brake known as the parking or emergency brake. Knowing how to use an emergency brake can save your life in the event of brake failure and can also prevent costly transmission services down the road. Read More

How the Summer Can Cause Your Car to Overheat

Summer is the time to be spent alongside the pool, surrounded by friends and family around the barbecue grill, or taking a much-anticipated family vacation, not stuck on the side of the road with a steaming engine. Yet, it’s a common circumstance to see drivers off to the side of the road with a vehicle that has overheated. Follow our “Dos and Don’ts" in the event that your vehicle overheats and how it may be avoided in the future. Read More