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Welcome to Shop Talk! Here you’ll find articles from our car and truck repair and maintenance experts. You’ll also find answers to common questions that Sun Devil Auto in the Phoenix-Metro area receives on a daily basis. We’ll cover every topic - from why routine maintenance is so important to common indicators of needed repairs. It is our goal to educate our customers, while demonstrating with our knowledge base, that Sun Devil Auto is the company you can trust with your vehicle. 

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What Causes Transmission Fluids To Leak?

In the course of driving and enjoying your vehicle, you might notice fluid leaks on the ground when you park it for the day. While you shouldn’t panic when you notice drips, you should most certainly learn what kind of fluid is leaking, why it’s leaking and what you should do to fix it. Read More

What Is a Front-End Alignment?

You have probably heard of a Front-End alignment, but you might not be as familiar with what it is or why it is so important. When you own a vehicle, routine maintenance is critical for keeping it in good condition and preventing larger issues from happening. This service is a part of the routine maintenance that all vehicles require to ensure that they remain in working order. Read More

Store Spotlight: Keeping Glendale in Gear

There’s a long list of reasons to consider Sun Devil Auto when you’re looking for professional maintenance or repair work on your vehicle. One of the biggest benefits is our familiarity with Arizona’s climate, which is considered among the most extreme in the country. We know what to look out for, what to expect, and how best to prepare, so you’re sure to drive off with the utmost confidence when you pay us a visit. Any great team starts with a strong leader, and this one is no different. Today we’ll meet Josh Wahl, manager of Sun Devil Auto on West Thunderbird Road in Glendale, AZ. Read More

What Is a Transmission Control Module?

Whether you’re a motor head or simply rely on your vehicle to get you around town, it’s crucial to know a bit about how your ride works. One vital piece you should try to understand is the transmission control module, a part of your vehicle that it simply cannot operate without. Read More

Caring for Your Car Battery in All Seasons

Although car batteries typically last anywhere from three to five years, harsh temperatures can cause them to have a shorter lifespan. Each region has seasons that vary widely in temperature and weather conditions, but car battery maintenance is important throughout each one to increase the longevity of its lifespan. Read More

Trusted Brake Repair at Sun Devil Auto

At Sun Devil Auto, we are the brake experts that restore or preserve your vehicle’s stopping power. Your brakes are a critical component, and you can trust our service centers to keep them working efficiently and repair them when necessary. Read More