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A Thermostat in My Car? Why Temperature Matters

When the outdoor temperature in the summer reaches eighty-five degrees or higher, you may adjust your home’s thermostat to keep the house cooler and more comfortable for your family. After all a thermostats job is to regulate temperature or activate another device, such as your air conditioner, when the temperature reaches a certain level. You may be surprised to know that most cars are equipped with a thermostat as part of the engine’s cooling system. While your home’s thermostat is used to monitor the interior of your home, your car’s thermostat is used to regulate the temperature of the engine to help the engine stay cool. Read More

BAM! Here’s What to Do in the Event of a Tire Blowout

BAM! Whoosh! Flump, flump, flump! What in the world was that sound? Why is my steering wheel so hard to turn? These may be questions you ask during the frightening and potentially dangerous experience of a tire blowout. Fortunately, we have some tips on how to help prevent a blowout from happening and what to do in the event that it does happen to you. Read More

5 Car Care Myths

When you think of a myth, you probably don’t equate it with car care. You may have heard stories in the days since getting your driver’s license on the do’s and don’ts on how to take care of your car. But are you sure they’re true? We’re here to dispel five of the most popular myths synonymous with car care. Read More

Back to School Safety

t’s that time of year when the thrill of summer fades and children don their new clothes, shoes and backpacks filled with pencils and notebooks to head back to school. A fresh new school year can be an exciting time but it can also be a very dangerous time. Anxious children unfamiliar with their surroundings, harried parents, and impatient drivers mixed with early mornings can easily cause distractions and end in tragedy. Here are some helpful tips for keeping children safe this back-to-school season. Read More

How Do You Properly Rotate Your Tires?

In order to extend the life of your tires, frequent tire rotations on your car become necessary. Tire rotations are simply moving the wheels and tires from one position to another providing even miles for front and rear tires, to ensure even tire wear, thus, allowing you to drive on a set of tires for a longer period of time. You can extend the life of your tires, save money, and ensure your safety by having your tires rotated, but only if done properly. Read More

What You Need to Know About Gas for Your Car

From diesel, to high and low octanes, it can be a tricky choice for any driver. Gas is just gas, right? Your car is just happy to have the fuel it needs to keep moving, right? Wrong. Learn which kinds of gas are out there, their differences, and how to choose the right one for your ca Read More

Are Your Driving Habits Damaging Your Car?

Bad habits are related to a negative behavior pattern and are usually linked to personal habits such as procrastination, nail-biting, or spending too much time watching television. Check out our list of the most common driving habits and how to avoid them to keep your car on the road while preventing costly or unnecessary repairs. Read More

Exhaust Systems 101

What makes one vehicle louder than another? How are cars able to reduce emissions? The answer is simple, because of the exhaust system. The exhaust system works through several components that collect exhaust fumes from the engine cylinders and removes harmful substances, while reducing noises and releasing exhaust gases away from the vehicle. Read More