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Welcome to Shop Talk! Here you’ll find articles from our car and truck repair and maintenance experts. You’ll also find answers to common questions that Sun Devil Auto in the Phoenix-Metro area receives on a daily basis. We’ll cover every topic - from why routine maintenance is so important to common indicators of needed repairs. It is our goal to educate our customers, while demonstrating with our knowledge base, that Sun Devil Auto is the company you can trust with your vehicle. 

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Repairs Your Car Needs Before Selling

Quite often, you will get more money for selling your old car rather than trading it in. While that is generally true, your old car needs to be in good mechanical working order to attract a serious buyer. Here is what you need to know about fixing your old vehicle before selling it. Read More

A Haboob Is Coming! How Can I Prepare?

The weather report shows a Haboob on the way! But what is a haboob? It is a severe dust storm that is typically characterized as being a huge wall of dust and dirt that blows through an area. Here's how to stey safe if one blows your way! Read More