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Welcome to Shop Talk! Here you’ll find articles from our car and truck repair and maintenance experts. You’ll also find answers to common questions that Sun Devil Auto in the Phoenix-Metro area receives on a daily basis. We’ll cover every topic - from why routine maintenance is so important to common indicators of needed repairs. It is our goal to educate our customers, while demonstrating with our knowledge base, that Sun Devil Auto is the company you can trust with your vehicle. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Have My Car’s Engine Light Checked?

Engines are large and complex machines, but if caught early enough, chances are the problem can be fixed. One of the first indications of engine trouble is the Check Engine light appearing on the dashboard. Having your vehicle checked during a routine maintenance appointment is the best way to ensure everything is working properly. Read More

How to Keep Your Engine From Overheating

It is vital that you take certain actions when your engine is getting far too hot. Immediate action will prevent the engine from breaking down completely and forcing you to pay a lot more in repair costs. Read More

Why Get Your Windows Tinted?

There are several great reasons for you to consider getting your windows tinted that go well beyond general visual appeal. Not all window tint films are created equal, learn more here! Read More

What’s the Scoop on Self-Driving Cars?

Self-driving cars stand to be a real game changer in the way people live their daily lives. Roadways could look very different in the next few decades, so keep an eye on autonomous driving technology to see how it continues to progress. Read More