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3 Tips for Flat Tires at High Speeds

Getting a flat tire under normal circumstances is a hassle. From calling a tow truck to changing the flat yourself, it’s a waste of your precious time and energy when you could be getting on with your day. However, do you know what to do when you get a flat tire while driving at high speeds? While you may hope that you never have to worry about it, it is a great idea to know the best ways to handle this type of emergency in case it does ever happen to you.

  1. Coast
    The best way to deal with a flat tire at high speeds is to coast to a stop. This means that you do not use the brakes at all if possible. Why is coasting to a stop the best thing that you can do? Your gut reaction may be to slam on the brakes and turn towards the side of the road. When you do this, you interrupt the cars ability to balance itself back out after the flat tire, which is what you want to accomplish by coasting carefully.
  1. Stay Straight
    You also do not want to make sudden changes in your car’s direction. Gradually turn towards the side of the road rather than making any quick turns of the wheel. When you turn abruptly, the car has a harder time regaining stability.It may be difficult to keep your car straight because the vehicle is going to pull to the side that has the flat tire. To counteract this, you have to keep both hands firmly on the wheel and focus on the road ahead of you while you coast to a stop.
  1. Keep Your Foot on the Gas
    Until you regain control of your car, you want to keep your foot on the gas. You do not want to slam down on the gas or abruptly remove your foot from the pedal. Keeping your speed constant, or just gradually decreasing it, will help your car’s weight stay distributed correctly.

Preventative Measures

Possibly the best way to deal with a flat tire at high speeds is to never have it happen to you. This, of course, may just be wishful thinking, but there are certain steps you can take to decrease your chance of getting a flat tire at all. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated and replace your tires when the tread is too low to make sure that you are driving as safely as possible.